Snowright-WhiteOutlineWorld leader in precision snow management technology.

We provide the tools resort operators need to visualize and quantify snow. Our GPS mapping technology provides the most accurate “information products” available.

Open terrain sooner, stay open longer, manage water, hydro and manpower more efficiently.

Say good-bye to discounted lift tickets.

The SNOWRIGHT system gives you more than just simple color depth mapping which can be misleading due to underlying terrain.

We incorporate a multitude of snow management tools, including pre-determined terrain targets that fill ravines and correct fall line, account for varying melt rates, even performance variations of snow making equipment.

Groomers continuously collect snow depth data while they work. Inside the groomer operators see the snow depth under their machine. They also see underlying terrain in profile view and or section, everywhere accurate to 1 inch. It’s all in real time

Snow makers can now see exactly where snow is needed and where it’s not. SNOWRIGHT data can even show how long each gun must run or how many gallons are needed to reach any target depth.

General managers get the information to take control of their expenses. Save up to 30 percent on snowmaking costs and achieve better snow coverage across the resort.

Customers enjoy better conditions and more days on the slopes.



Ski Resort Industry Challenges

With the cost of hydro, and fuel and equipment continuously rising, resorts need to tightly manage their resources. Our studies show that resorts are unwittingly overproducing between 20 to 50 percent in excess snow. They are also burning extra fuel and wear and tear with groomers pushing misplaced snow. Two major successful resorts we studied had targets of 1 meter and overproduced an average of 41 and 54 centimeters (16 and 21 inches) respectively.

For 1 million square meters (247 acres), every 30 centimeters (1 foot) of over production wastes two hundred and forty thousand dollars.

Our Solution

SnowRight™ is a proven technology that eliminates waste and brings a new level of control to snow management. The SnowRight™ system is so effective that you can recoup your investment in as little as one year with subsequent savings of 15% to 25% percent of your snowmaking costs annually.

How it Works

The GPS System installed on the groomer automatically records snow depth wherever it goes.

Groomer recording
Figure 1 – GPS Antenna Sits Behind Cab

The information from the groomer is processed and downloads as easy to read color mapping onto screens in the management and snowmaking offices. These maps also include the snow depth averaged for each snow gun.

This allows producers to know how much is left to blow at each gun location to reach their target depth.

Snow depths
Figure 2 ‐ Screen view of snow depths

No more overproducing. As each gun reaches the desired target depth the screen in the snowmaking office turns the area red, indicating the need to shut off the gun.

Guns that need to be shut off
Figure 3 – Map and spreadsheet report shows the guns that need to be shut off in red

Groomer screens show the depth under their machines in real time. The depth mapped from the previous day is also visual on the screen. This allows the groomers to know where work is needed even before driving over an area. The GPS in the groomer gives the operator total control.

Groomer pushing snow with SNOWRIGHT system installed
Figure 4 – View from working groomer

Newest Development

Now your snow production team can produce accurate snow depths even before the groomers go out and measure. Snow Right™ system compares real snow depth and volume gains with relationship to gallons and time. This “smart” system can quickly calculate what real production each gun will produce and allow operators to determine how much time or gallons are needed from each gun to produce the desired depth.

Here is an example. (This calculation is based on gallons required however your resort may use a time variable instead). The chart shows the gallons needed at each snow gun for every 10 centimeters (4 inches). (The chart automatically changes for different gun settings and temperature) Example: gun 1004s needs 121,416 gallons to produce .3 or 1 foot to the depth.

Calculation for snow gun production
Figure 5 – Calculation chart for gun production


Snow Right™ is a complete system giving snowmaking and snow grooming teams the tools to work seamlessly together.

  • No more overproduction of snow.
  • More efficient placement of snow to reduce machine wear and tear.
  • Our experience is showing 15 to 25 percent overall snowmaking savings annually.